Our Services

As one of the leading agricultural contractors in North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, our aim is to maximise the yield of all of our clients’ crops. We invest in high quality machinery and an excellent workforce with years of experience to offer a ‘hands on’ service.

Potato Planting and Harvesting

We use the most up to date machinery, including the three-bed system. This is satellite guided and it is ideal for planting main crops as well as salad and organic plants. We can either provide a self propelled or a conventional wheel drive.


We use computerised reels for irrigation and offer a choice of rain guns or booms to use the optimal method for each crop.

Lime Spreading

We deliver and spread Calcium Lime where it is needed by using low ground pressure machines.

Green Burning

We are able to carry out desiccation by the use of greenburning for both conventional and organic crops.

Hedge Cutting

Our highly skilled team have years of hedge cutting experience. We use circular saws on long reach cutters to maintain hedges, verges and ditches.